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Dental implants can be life-changing

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Dental implants can be life changing

Dental Implants in Philadelphia

What are dental implants?

Dental implants  are essentially artificial tooth roots. They appear similar in shape to a screw and act as an artificial root which provides a support for a crown. The benefit of Dental Implants is they are attached to your jaw permanently, giving you the ability to chew or eat properly as you would with your own teeth.

A dental implant doesn’t affect any of your natural teeth, they will be affixed into your jaw bone and give a solid root for a crown. People who use dentures that don’t fit well can benefit from dental implants.

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How is a dental implant fitted?

dental implants in philadelphia

To ensure that you have enough healthy bone structure, a dentist will scan your teeth with the latest equipment and will identify the correct positioning of the implant. While scanning, he or she can identify the surrounding healthy jaw bone and locate the diseased area. This can make placement incredibly calculated and exact for the dental procedure. A bone scan can also bu used to identify a grafting bone for executing an implant.

A titanium implant is placed in your jaw bone where a tooth once was. The procedure is done surgically in our Philadelphia dental office. Once the dental implant is placed, it is left for almost two to six months so that the bone can grow properly. During this time you can use a temporary crown to make eating and normal functioning of the mouth and teeth possible.

After the bone has grown perfectly around the implant, the temporary crown is removed and a permanent one is placed either by screwing or by cementing it.

A person who wears dentures can try dental implants as they are more convenient and suitable for a permanent solution. 

Are dental implants safe?

Yes, dental implants are considered a very safe tooth replacement procedure because they have been developed and perfected over the past 50 or so years. Actually, the failure rates of dental implants are very low and reviews are very good for using this type of cosmetic dental technique.

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