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Healthy teeth = a better you

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Healthy teeth = a better you

Emergency Dentist in Philadelphia

Smile! We provide 24/7 emergency dental services

If you have any issues with your implants or if you are having extreme dental or gum pain, we can help. Our dental staff are highly competent and ready to deal with any urgent dental emergencies.  

We are located in South Philly on South Street, just a short distance from center city Philadelphia or University City Philadelphia.

What is a Dental Emergency?

When you can’t sleep or your daily life is limited due to extreme dental pain, it’s time to call an emergency, urgent care  dentist.

Some examples of a dental emergency include:

  • A toothache with extreme pain
  • Signs of an infection such as fever or severe facial pain within the mouth which could indicate an abscess
  • Broken or loose dentures or dental implants
  • Facial injury or trauma resulting in damaged teeth or missing teeth
  •  Damage to the outer enamel, crown or internal root of a tooth

It is important to know that any issue involving injury to your teeth, gums or any surrounding oral tissue should be taken care of immediately by an experienced dental professional.

Did you know that some dental emergencies can be time-sensitive? 

If you are hit in the face and lose a tooth, you need to be aware that the root of your tooth could start to die within 15-20 minutes. If possible, you need to move fast! If you can find the tooth, you need to make sure it’s cleaned and then try to place it back within the socket as your own saliva will help to preserve the tooth. In most cases, it’s better to try and fix the tooth than to replace it with an artificial one. But if your tooth is too damaged, we can create a dental implant that will look like your original tooth and preserve your smile!

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